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Throughout my life I’ve faced much tragedy, but I’ve also experienced and immense amount of restoration. When hitting rock bottom at 19, I had no other choice but to make some dramatic changes in my life. This has required many hours of self exploration, contemplation and far too many trials and errors. But my family has been merciful and my Heavenly Father has been gracious.

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Los Angeles, CA

Currently I am in a season of transition. I decided to leave my stable and enjoyable job in Los Angeles in pursuit of a greater purpose. My desire is to help people identify their struggle that keeps them from stepping into their greater potential and by doing this to leave the world a little better than how I found it. Personally I believe this impact starts on a small scale and a daily one. Therefore I have dedicated this blog to empower you to be your authentic self and to hopefully shed some light on how I’ve been able to navigate my own journey. I do not write from a platform of ┬ásomeone who claims to know it all or who believes to have all the answers. We all have unique blueprints and sometimes all it takes is a little courage to find and create our own path. As I continue to learn and educate myself, I hope you read this blog with grace knowing I reveal bits of my darkest moments with vulnerability. More importantly I want you to know there is hope for a brighter future and that the impossible is possible! Sometimes all we need is a little help from our friends, and I definitely want to be that friend.

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